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Meet the Dream Team


Gabby Oglesby

Co-Founder, Lead Emcee

From Winston-Salem, NC, Gabby is our lead Emcee for weddings and corporate events. She prides herself in bringing people together through music. "Go Off Productions has allowed me to witness so many beautiful unions and celebrations. My mission for Go Off is to reach as many people as we can, while still providing quality and reliable services. We're family owned and oriented, and we want people to feel that when we walk through the door."


Candice Oglesby

Co-Founder, Creative Director

From Trenton, NJ, Candice is our Co-Founder and Creative Director. In short, Candice does all of the behind the scenes work! If she isn't working behind the scenes on our creative projects, she's coordinating weddings, or using her beautiful voice to sing during wedding ceremonies. "I've had the pleasure of watching Go Off Productions blossom into something special. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love in this space. I pray that we can continue to bring people together!"


From Greensboro, NC, Brianna is our Event Coordinator. With her background in interior design and decorative accessories, Brianna finds herself inspired by color pallets, themed aesthetics and magical moments. "As your event day point person, I look forward to elevating the magic in your moment, no matter how small or large!"

Brianna Glenn

Event Coordinator

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