There's no lavish story about how GO OFF Productions came to be. It literally started in a living room when a friend threw out a name for a potential business idea. It was unknown then that all it took was a name to spark the excitement and encouragement to pursue the world of emcee entertainment. From Winston-Salem, NC, my name is Gabby Oglesby

and I am the founder of GO OFF Productions. I am a self-taught DJ with a love for all types of music. My  taste in music has no boundaries - I've fallen in love with songs from every genre, from rap all the way to punk rock, and everything in-between. While I don't claim to be a music guru, I believe in the power of music and that it unites people from all different backgrounds. 

My mission for GO OFF Productions is, and always will be, to provide quality dj services for parties and events that will bring people together through music (and to show off my bad dancing skills)!